A Series of YouTube Videos on SEO Coming Soon

I have been working on creating SEO video series for my YouTube Channel Fixing Tiny Tedious Things. Those who want to start learning SEO from scratch must watch my upcoming videos. My videos will show you everything that works in 2018 and will continue in future as well!

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YouTube series on Search engine optimization (SEO)
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What to expect from my SEO series?

My YouTube series on SEO will be to the point, I won’t be wasting time, my videos are going to be short yet the most informative. I believe that’s the best way to go about making someone understand what you teach. I know there are so many videos on the internet explaining the whole thing, what makes my videos different is the practical approach. For that, I am going to use one of my domains “topbootcamps.com”

I am going to show you everything that SEO pros do with a new website. If you follow along, things will be lot more simpler for you to learn. That is pretty much it, just go ahead and subscribe to my channel now 🙂

What I will cover in my SEO Series?

As I have already mentioned above, I am going to start from scratch, which essentially means, everything is going to be covered in my videos. I will even feature the testimonials of some real users who’ve used SEO services in the past. Following are some of the topics:

On Page Optimization:

  • I will make sure the website is coded well to have no flaws such as broken links,  no index tags, duplicate content, bad navigation and lot more
  • Responsiveness of the website so it loads well across all the devices where it renders
  • Adding the snippets from Google Webmasters & Bing
  • Creating Sitemaps
  • Installing important plugins if you use CMS based websites like WordPress
  • I will also look at how heading tags such as H1, h2 are used in website structure
  • Optimization of the images so they appear in Google image results

Off Page Optimization:

  • How to get the website indexed fast
  • Link building Techniques
  • Making Use of Social Media in a right manner
  • How to make your website reach potential customers or readers

Apart from the above, I will cover numerous other things that will benefit a website to do well in SERPs.

I will make videos on the following as well:

  • How to use tools like Sumo for newsletters, CTA, Social media sharing and numerous other things
  • Where to find the free content like Images, Videos etc for free for your website


If you are someone who is just getting started in 2018 to learn SEO, you must watch my videos. What I m going to teach is going to work in future as well. I will use no shortcuts, my work is going to be 100% ethical. Just go ahead and subscribe to my channel today. I am going to start with the series very soon!

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