Instagram is experimenting big time with Stories Feature

Instagram is experimenting big time with its “Stories” feature. Just last month, “Ask me a question” feature came along, and it became a hit instantly.  Another great feature which has just come along is,  IGTV video link to a story.

IGTV Video Link to Instagram Stories

This is the newest Instagram stories feature, now you can add an IGTV video link to your stories. This feature is going to be a big hit and a game changer for Instagram TV.

IGTV, Instagram’s threat to YouTube hasn’t been a success so far, to make it a success, the developerds are experimenting a lot. And, this new experiment is just about right for 960 x 1080 platform! This will enable creators to promote their content they add on IGTV through IG stories.  The much awaited growth for IGTV is just around the corner!

The best part is, anyone can use this feature, you don’t have to meet some requirements to start using it 🙂 This is a welcome move, especially when there’s no option to add a link to external sources for users who are under 10K followers.

How to use this IGTV video link feature

This is a very easy process to follow, just look at this video and follow along:

What about linking to external sources on IG stories?

This is still not possible for users who are under 10K followers. And, this is not going to change, not anytime sooner. Instagram has this clear cut policy of not letting users to click away from its platform. Since IGTV is instagram’s very own platform, that is why they have made the feature available to all users!

If you still want to use add a link to story feature, you either need 10K+ followers or just use Instagram ads. There is no other way around 🙁

Nevertheless, this new feature is good for the growth of Instagram TV.


This new Instagram feature is very good, those who were reluctant to create content for IGTV will now consider thinking about it!

Hope you find this post informative, please feel free to share it with your friends! I look forward to posting more stories like this in upcoming days 🙂

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