Logan Paul vs KSI Fight Live Stream Crashes

The most epic fight in the history of YouTube Celebs is about to commence in few hours! As I expected, the servers for the website http://www.ksivslogan.tv/ have already crashed! That really speaks how much people are looking forward to it!

Here’s the screenshot:

KSI vs Logan Paul Live stream

The servers couldn’t handle the amount of traffic coming to the site. I believe the website is not hosted on cloud based servers. And, the webmasters will probably shift to cloud just before the start of live-stream!

How to watch KSI vs Logan Paul Fight?

There are two ways you can do it, one is via YouTube Live stream(Paid) and the other is through the website I have mentioned above. The subscription price is $10, in this amount you also get to watch Jake Paul vs Deji fight.

There are some YouTube channels that are trying hard to convince viewers that they will make the live stream available to their subscribers for free, but, this not going to happen. It will go against community guidelines of YouTube, if anyone tries to do so, their channel will get deleted eventually.

Therefore, the best way is to just go ahead and purchase the live-stream for the un-interrupted experience of this epic battle!

What to look out for?

I am more of looking forward to Deji vs Jake Paul match, I believe that one will also be as big as the KSI vs Logan match. All in all, its going to be a great few hours of content we going to see.

I am sure each one of you have their favorites, if you ask me, I am rooting for Paul brothers!

They are certainly more apt for the fight as they have a wrestling background 🙂

And, you always want to bet for the people who won’t disappoint!


Just go ahead and buy the live stream and get set for the biggest live event in the history of YouTube celebs.

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