New YouTubers Should See This – A Quick Guide

YouTube is a great platform for anyone to showcase their talent in front of billions of people for free. However, to get the fame, you need to be at the top of your game! You have to do things in the right way and at the right time 🙂

People like Flying Beast, Sourav Joshi Vlogs, Technical Guru Ji, PewDePie, Logan Pal, KSI, Jake Paul, Casey Neistat and other top YouTubers, they all have been through rough periods. But, what made them the superstars of YouTube is the consistency and the dedication even when things were not on their side. Therefore, first thing first, prepare yourself to stay focused no matter what the situation you are in!

New YouTubers Should See This - A Quick Guide

Is there a shortcut to success for YouTubers?

This is indeed the most common question on the minds of newbies. Most of us in present times want things faster, we tend to look for the easiest and the shortest way possible to get to the top. This might be possible in some situations but, if you talk about YouTube, sorry to say, there are no shortcuts to success!

You can not become a big shot on YouTube using shortcuts! However, there are some ways you can expedite things if you follow the steps I am covering in this guide below! I have been associated with some of the top YouTube creators and have been promoting their videos for a while. Therefore, you can certainly count on my experience 🙂

I also look forward to make a video about the same, it will come out on my channel which I hardly promote or use:


Follow This YouTube Guide For Fame

Before you go ahead and start applying what I have mentioned below, just bear in mind, these things work only and only if you are in it with your 100% efforts. So, here are the things that have been working for my clients:

  • Don’t ever compromise on your channel art and logo! This is the first thing to give your audience the expression that how dedicated you are towards your work
  • Make sure the name of your channel is catchy and relevant to the content you are going to upload
  • Once you hit your first 100 subscribers, go straight to creator studio and claim the URL for your channel, this is the most important thing for branding! A channel with URL like looks way better than
  • Now, lets talk about Thumbnails, one the most important things for a YouTube video. It is very important that your thumbnails speak for the content your videos hold! A good example of a thumbnail would be:

Some of the Pro tips..

  • Use plugins like VidIQ, this is a very powerful plugin, if you are serious about becoming a big YouTube brand, start using the plugin right away! I plan to make a video about this plugin soon, make sure to watch it on Fixing Tiny Tedious ThingsHave you ever wondered which all are the tags these top creators use for their videos? Guess what, this plugin shows you all of them 🙂 And, that’s not all, you get a whole lot of other important things, I will cover them in my video
  • Always make use of cards and end screens to promote your videos, if you are not sure how to use them, let me know in comments section, I will record a quick video for you
  • Make sure to include Subscribe now message in all of your videos. Sometimes, people get so overwhelmed watching your content that they forget to subscribe, its good to give them a reminder in a polite way 🙂
  • Create playlists to organize the content of same genre
  • Pin your own comments for each video you make! You can include a message like “Subscribe to my channel” in  the comment
  • Within the first 24 hrs of your video, do your best to reach as many people as you can. Get engagement to your videos in the form of comments, likes and shares, this will help your video show up in top results
  • Drop at least 3 videos a week, if your videos got the engagement and you have good numbers behind you, you might end up being featured in “Creator on the Rise” section of YouTube
  • Always make sure to share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other top social media websites. Don’t spam them though 🙂
  • Engage with your subscribers, give a reply back to the comments
  • Make use of description box effectively! It should give a summary of the content people going to watch
  • Collaborate with other creators, promote each other’s videos
  • Make use of the featured channel section

Finding the above overwhelming?

Some of you might be finding the above overwhelming! But, believe me, they are not when you actually sit around and apply them. Just take one thing at a time and you will do just fine! Just go ahead and take a dive, you will come out great!

If you have money and you want quick fame, I do have a few suggestions that we used in the past. You may want to try them:

  • Reach out to the top influencers of social media, give them the offer to promote your channel
  • Do video ads on YouTube (Been working great for us)
  • Post ads on communities like Reddit
  • Let top websites write promotional posts for you
  • Get a word out from celebrities
  • Do events, put your YouTube banners at the entrance
  • Do giveaways like most of the top YouTubers do
  • Sponsor content creators

So, yes, above are some of the tips using which you sure can get some good exposure. Again, this is only for the people who have a lot money, not for others!

There are so many creators on YouTube who followed the above to become big shots. Some of the names that come to my mind are MO Vlogs, Money Kicks, Mr. Beast, Technical Guruji and most of the music channels you see on YouTube.


This sure is the quick YouTube guide you need to follow if you are a newbie! I have written this guide based on my own experience of about 10 years. This will surely work for you if you follow it carefully. There are so many other things that I could include in this article but I chose not to. Wanted to keep it to the point. So, yes, go ahead and follow it, i wish you all the best with your endeavor!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Use this contact page, I will be quick to revert back.

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