Coursera Plus Subscription at $1 [Update]

coursera plus 1 dollar

Coursera Plus is available at $1 for the first month with this new offer. If you are someone who is looking to take multiple courses and specializations on Coursera, I would highly recommend that you consider taking Coursera Plus subscription.

This will not only save you money but also opens doors to most of the Coursera’s courses, specializations, short courses and professional certificate programs. By spending just one dollar, get first month of coursera plus now and explore the endless benefits.

  • Offer: $1 for the first month of Coursera Plus Monthly
  • Redeembale Dates: November 2-24, 2023  [Offer Ended]
  • Limitations: Only available to new Coursera Plus subscribers (i.e. they must not have an active Coursera Plus subscription). Not redeemable in India
  • Exclusive Page: Can be claimed through this page only..

The amazing thing is, you won’t be charged anything extra than the Monthly or Yearly Subscription fee. Learn from 170+ leading universities and companies, take as many courses or specialization you wish, over 7000 programs are available at no extra price beyond subscription fee.

Note: This offer can only be claimed through this page

I have been using Coursera since 2016, and have always loved the platform. At the time there was no concept of Coursera Plus and has been long wished by learners. So, being someone who has been using the platform from long time, I already know how powerful Coursera Plus can be for learners growth! Down below, I have shared some of the best courses and Certificate programs that learners can take.

To view all the popular participating program please go here.

More About Coursera Plus in Details

Down below I have reviewed all that you get with the plus subscription. If you don’t have time to go through the entire post, simply click on the items in the list below to go to that particular section. I hope you will like this style of content structure.

Coursera Courses and Certs in Subscription

All the Coursera Courses are best to be honest, however, the ones that I personally like, that are included in the plus subscription are as these:

  • Google IT Support Professional Certificate
  • Applied Data Since with Python – University of Michigan
  • Graphic Design – California Institute of the Arts
  • Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects – McMaster University
  • IT Project Management – Indian School of Business
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity & Risk Management Specialization – University of California, Irvine
  • Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals Specialization – Duke University
  • Introduction to Programming with Python and Java Specialization – University of Pennsylvania
  • Web Design for Everybody: Basics of Web Development & Coding Specialization – University of Michigan
  • Full Stack Web Development with Angular Specialization – The Hongkong University of Science and Technology
  • System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services

How to check which course is included in Coursera Plus subscription?

This is very easy to identify, simply look for “Included with Coursera Plus” just below Enroll button. This is what it looks like:

Included with coursera plus

Another thing that you can do, just go to Coursera Plus Homepage, type what you are looking for in the search box, and hit search icon. On the new page you will see the content included in Coursera Plus subscription. A significant amount of Coursera programs are available through the plus subscription. So do go ahead and try it.

Coursera Plus Subscription Cost

The cost of Coursera plus subscription varies from Country to Country. If you take yearly subscription in United States, it will cost you $399/year. Whereas the monthly subscription is $59/month.

And if you talk about India, the cost of Coursera Plus subscription is ₹33,220/year. If you prefer to take monthly subscription it would be ₹4912 a month as of February 2024. Please know, these rates fluctuate as the USD vs INR currency exchange.

Nevertheless, what you pay for the subscription would be somewhat near what I have mentioned above. Similarly in Countries like Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Ireland, South Africa, Japan, China, United Arab Emirates etc, the subscription cost is going to be according to local currency.

In a nutshell, countries where USD is not the currency of transaction, the price of subscription would be as per local currency.

For example, Coursera Plus Fee in the following countries is:

  • France and Germany – €49/month and €337/year
  • United Kingdom – £42/month and £287/year
  • Canada – CA$74/month and CA$500/year

You may want to check out the local rates in your country by clicking here.

Coursera Plus Free Trial

Yes, you do get 7 days of free trial, and it is only available for monthly subscription. If you are looking for a longer free trial, you have to sign up for the yearly subscription plan.

To the free trial please use this exclusive partner link

The maximum validity as of February 2024 of Coursera Plus free trial automatically becomes14 days with their refund policy. And to learn more about it, you can go here. The best part is, its valid globally, anyone from anywhere except for a few countries can claim it.

If there are more offers and deals about the plus subscription, I will update it here or tweet it out. So interested parties can follow me on twitter @topitguy.

Buy Coursera Plus Subscription on EMI in India

To make learning more financially accessible, equated monthly installments (EMI) is now available in India. You’ll see this as a payment option at check out.

So, if any of you from India finding Coursera Plus a bit costly to pay all in once, don’t worry, Coursera is listening to you. This extra payment method is available for Specializations, Professional Certificates, Standalone courses and Off-course for buying plus subscription.

If you have any questions about buying the subscription in India, please feel free to send your queries to me at I will personally assist you in buying the plus subscription.

One can also pay using the most preferred payment method In India, that is UPI for buying Coursera courses and subscription.

In Conclusion

In this article I have tried to cover everything about Coursera Plus subscription. Whether it is the Cost of subscription, the benefits or Free Trial. All the questions are answered. I personally have the yearly subscription myself which I am using for several programs.

I have take a few courses and Guided Projects already for which I did not have to bother paying separately. The Coursera Plus subscription covers all the costs 🙂

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out through Contact page.

FAQ Coursera Plus

As of February, 2024, $59 per month. Prices may vary, check out the Coursera website for updates.

Most courses are included in the subscription. All the courses included in the subscription a tag on course pages as included in Cousera Plus subscription.

Explore new topics, your thirst for knowledge doesn't have to stop!

Yes, but you can turn off auto-renewal anytime in your account settings.

Yes, a 14-day refund policy is in place.

Not for Coursera Plus, but individual course financial aid is available.

Yes, for courses not included in Coursera Plus

Yes, electronic Course Certificates are provided

Most of the programs are are self-paced, allowing flexibility in scheduling.

Yes, enroll in as many courses as you wish.

Nope, subscriptions are not shareable.

Yes, many courses are available in various languages, with English as the primary language for most.

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