IGTV (Instagram TV) is not a threat to YouTube

IGTV or Instagram TV is not at all a threat to YouTube. I am saying this with full conviction! I have been testing out the platform, though it’s good but has nothing to give YouTube any sort of competition.  Even the developers of IGTV aren’t talking about competition with YouTube.

The difference between YouTube and IGTV is huge. No creator would ever leave YouTube over IGTV, that is the biggest of the differences.

IGTV vs YouTube
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Why Instagram TV is not a new YouTube?

There are so many reasons to it, some of the best ones are as follows:

  • Does not support landscape mode
  • Very tedious for creators to make videos in aspect ratio 9:16 & 1080 x 1920 dimensions
  • It does not accept 1920 x 1080 videos
  • Can’t handle videos beyond 600 mb
  • Only works on Smartphones, desktop users won’t be able to use it
  • The community is not as strong as YouTube
  • People prefer watching wider videos
  • Big creators aren’t impressed
  • Certainly not the best platform for vloging

Why People Using It?

One of the primary reasons why people using it is, the ability to post longer videos. Another driving factor is the money, IGTV might pay the creators through ad revenue share. The platform is pretty new, the excitement to explore the platform is also driving people towards Instagram TV.

The upward trend for IGTV is bound to go down in coming days. Though, the platform will surely hold its place because of the ease of posting longer videos on Instagram.

Is It Possible To Topple YouTube?

Yes, but only hypothetically! Practically, no, its not possible to topple YouTube. The platform has grown so much, for a new platform to reach where YouTube is won’t be possible.

Though, with good marketing and features like landscape mode and cross platform availability might shake YouTube a bit! But, to replace YouTube? No chance!


After trying IGTV for at least 5 days, I can assure you that IGTV has not threat to the existence of YouTube. The place of YouTube is only going to grow further up, its no way going down by any means 🙂

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