CCNA Routing and Switching Practice by CCIE Ashish R

I recently came across this course CCNA Routing & Switching Practice Test. Created by one of the fastest growing networking instructors Ashish R (CCIE). The course comprises of six practice tests, containing 203 Routing and Switching questions, more questions will be added soon.

ccna routing and switching practice test

Why do you need Routing & Switching Practice Test?

Just like any other exam, its very important that you practice beforehand so you do not find the real exam overwhelming. Most of the people who fail their exams are either under prepared or lack practice, therefore its very important that you practice well before appearing for the exam.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should take this course:

  • CCNA Routing & Switiching exams are very tricky, the instructor of this course teaches you how to counter tricky questions easily
  • Ashish R is CCIE himself, his knowledge and experience will help you immensely
  • The cost of the exam is very high, you can’t risk to fail the exam. It is all about saving your hard earned money
  • This course contains the questions that appear in the exam most often
  • The course is updated constantly, you get the new content at no cost for lifetime
  • You will be able to ask and answer questions through the discussion forum dedicated to the course
  • The instructor is just a message away when you enroll

Apart from the above there are many more reasons why you should take the course. You can experience them all yourself by joining the course (Link).

Other best selling courses by Ashish R

As we mentioned before, Ashish is one of the best selling networking instructors on Udemy. He currently has 7400+ subscribers from 13 courses, the overall rating of this amazing instructor is 4.4/5.

Following are some of the top selling and highly rated courses by Ashish:

  • Cisco Nexus Training: Go from Beginner to Advanced (Link)
  • The Complete CCNA & CCNP Labs Course 2020-Basic to Advanced (Link)
  • BGP Configuration & Labs- Basic to Advanced (Link)
  • OSPF Practical Labs (Link)
  • EIGRP Practical Labs (Link)


Considering the amount of practice questions in this course it a must for learners. Anyone who wants increase their chances of clearing CCNA Routing & Switiching exam in one go must take the course now!

If you buy the course through links, on this post, you will pay just $10. Don’t miss this opportunity, just go ahead and grab the course now!

Hope you find the post helpful! If you do, please share it with your friends so they can also reap the benefits!

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