Do You Use Google Suite?

Google Suite has been around since 2006, back then they called it Google apps for work. It is a suite of collaborative productivity apps that provides your brand:

  • Professional email IDs like
  • Shared calendars
  • Online document editing and storage
  • Video meetings
  • Messenger For Chat and many more

I have been recommending Google Suite to all my friends and clients for better brand building. It is not only easy to implement but also very affordable to use. The basic plan starts from $5/User and its the best to start with Google Suite.

google suite for your brand
Go here..

Google Suite Free Trial

The best part is, Google suite offers a 14 day free trial. This is the best plan for those who want to experience the back-end and working before going ahead. Many of my clients who take the free trial often continue using it after free trial, its that good!

Here’s the link to Free trial :

If you decide to continue with the prodcuct after the free trial, use following exclusive codes to get 20% Off the first year!

Discount codes:

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These codes will expire in September 2018, make sure to use them before that.  Each code may only be redeemed once.

Why Do I Recommend Google Suite?

There are so many reasons why I highly recommend Google Suite to my clients. One of the foremost reasons is the power it gives to your brand.

For example: Say you run an online business and have a website like but don’t have a professional looking email ID like You send an email to one of your important prospects. The chances are 7 times out of 10 the recipient will not trust if its really you who is trying to connect. Though, if you had used a branded ID like, the prospect would easily identify.

The above example applies to many other apps that Google Suite offers . Basically, this productivity tool is the backbone which gives your business a professional look!

Google Suite is Cloud Based

Google Suite is product of Google Cloud. All the apps offered are cloud based, the speed and the accuracy of the apps is robust. The admin console is easy to operate, most of the options are self explanatory . If you are stuck, there is 24/7 support always available to assist you 🙂

Hope you find this helpful, do go ahead and consider taking the free trial here. 

This post will have more content in future, I will show you the back-end of GSuite and how to access it. Do follow me on Twitter to get the updates!