Sumo tools are helping Websites grow fast

Have you ever tried Sumo tools for your website? How has your experience been? I am sure the answer is delightful! I say that because I know it for myself and my clients. If you have not tried Sumo tools yet, consider trying them now, they are free to install.

I have been using Sumo for many of clients, and some of my own websites.  I must say, sumo tools are getting me and my clients great results!

Use Sumo, Get Results

How to install Sumo on your website?

Installing sumo on your website is super simple. You can install it on all types of websites, be it a CMS (Content Mangement System) based like WordPress or a static one. Sumo works flawlessly for all types of websites.

Here’s the step by step guide to install Sumo on your website:

  • Visit sumo website 
  • Sekect the plan and click on signup
  • You will be asked to enter your website URL, email id & password, hit sign up after entering the info
  • Sumo then analyses your website and generates code for you, this is the code you need if you don’t use a CMS based website
  • On the same page, you will see various other platforms like WordPress, SquareSpace, Tumblr, Blogger and Shopify. Just click on the platform you are using and Sumo will give you the specific guidelines for your platform
  • Just follow the instructions, and there you have it installed

After Installation, you see the dashboard which looks like this:

sumo dashboard
Click here to view

Sumo tools that are incredible:

There are plenty of tools inside the sumo dashboard, the ones we particularly love are:

Sumo Bars

I personally love Sumo bars, been using them for almost all the websites I manage. See  the one this website uses for collection email ids:

sumo bar for email collection

Here’s another example of Sumo bar which uses CTA feature of Sumo bar to redirect the visitors to their partner website:

sumo bar for cta

From the above examples you can imagine how helpful sumo bars are for a website to generate business.

List Builders

Another great little tool that helps you enormously to collect emails and build your list. These lists can easily be integrated with your favorite email marketing platforms seamlessly.

Here’s the example:

sumo list builder tool
List builder tool sumo

The best part is, you can leave these forms on Smart mode, Sumo’s algorithm decides when to show them so you the best results!

Sumo Messages

This is a great tool, those who don’t have access to email marketing platforms will love this. This little tool will help you send messages to all your subscribers from Sumo dashboard itself. Just compose a message using  easy to use editor, enter the subject line and hit submit! The best part is you can schedule the messages as well 🙂

Here’s the sumo message tool view:

sumo message tool
Sumo message tool


Other Best Sumo Tools For Business

Apart from the above, following are some other sumo tools I love:

  • Image sharer – Helps users to share the images of your post on sites like, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest etc
  • Social sharing widget which usually appears on the sidebar or the location of your choice. A good way to boast your social sharing stats for each page
  • Highlighter – A great tool to highlight the parts of content, it an be enabled or disabled as per you wish
  • Great looking contact forms
  • Scroll Boxes
  • Heat maps
  • Content analysis

These sumo apps or tools really help your business grow big time. Do use them for the betterment of your business today. Just go ahead and sign up now!

I look forward to create a video series on each of these apps in next few days. You will learn how to install these apps on your website through the video series. Make sure to subscribe to this YouTube Channel to view the video!

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