Facebook log in is being searched in Google

I have been researching on Google trends for a while and came across this search term “Facebook log in” . It really was a surprise for me that people still don’t know how to log in to their Facebook accounts. I may sound a little cocky but yes, what I am saying is truth! See the screenshot below:

facebook login search term
Figure 1

The above image shows the search interest of users for the term “facebook log in”. It is pretty clear that The curve on the graph shows how many times the term has been searched on Google. It is quite surprising to see how it shot up since March 2017 and came first in Trends, right after the term ‘team inbox‘.

Reason why people searching for facebook log in?

There are plenty of reasons why people are searching for this term. I am going to cover some of them below. I believe these are the main reasons:

  • Increasing reach of Facebook to countries that are not very tech literate. In fact when I looked at it carefully, I found Fiji, South Africa, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka and Mauritius are the top 5 countries where this term is being searched the most  see the figure 2 below
  • Continuous changes to the user interface which makes it tough for people to recognize the login page
  • Most people prefer to login on Facebook through their mobile numbers and password, so when they accidentally logout and want login back they kind of go blank, eventually they search for the term to land on the login page
facebook log in search term countries
figure 2

What should you do to never loose your facebook account?

Always make sure to follow these steps so that you never have to be worried about losing your Facebook account because of a silly password mistake:

  • Always use your phone number to register on Facebook. Because even if you forget your password, you can always hot the forgot my password link to get a password reset message
  • If possible use an email address as well but make sure, the email id you use is the one you use the most
  • Choose a password which can easily be remembered, don’t use random numbers and alphabets for the heck of it
  • Answer your password reset questions in a right manner, just so even if you are asked the same question you can answer easily

So, do you think these points make sense? If yes, do share this article with your friends and ask them if they also search for this term on Google.

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