I Made This With Elementor Cloud Website

Building a website has become lot more easier these days. I have been building websites since 2012 and most of my websites are built using the most used CMS, WordPress. Recently I learned about my favorite Drag and Drop Plugin Elementor’s new plan Cloud Website and wanted to give it a shot.

There could not have been a best time to use Elementor Cloud Website, as we had just opened an eatery and required a website. Finally, I registered a domain name using Namecheap and started with the work. Here’s what the website looks:

elementor cloud website example

Easy Website Building with Elementor Cloud Website

Building the website you see above took me very little time. As there were so many ready to use pre built templates I could use. So, yeah, I went ahead and chose one such template. I just had to change the text, photos and do few more things and got the end result you see above.

Now, lets talk more about the Elementor Cloud Website in details and how the whole process is. First of all, to start with Elementor Cloud, you need to pay $99/ year and this includes the following features:

  • Google Cloud Hosting For a year
  • WordPress Pre-Installed
  • CDN by Cloudflare
  • Free SSL Cert
  • All the paid Elementor Pro Features
  • Pre Built Templates
  • Daily Website Backups
  • Connection to Custom Domain name
  • Live Editing With WYSIWYG kind of editing
  • Sitelock

If we talk about the above features and calculate, the total price would normally be 10 times of what Elementor is charging for Cloud Website.

After buying the plan, I was redirected to a page where you are asked a few questions. To watch how that happens go to this video that I recorded for my YouTube Channel.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. And, if you need my help in building websites for you, do contact me.

Now, the above website only required to have a Homepage, Contact Page, About Page and Call to action. And the template which I chose had all of it pre-built. Therefore, I saved a lot of time and concentrated on fixing photos and content.

It was that easy building a website for my eatery business.

Verdict About Elementor Cloud Website

I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who is looking for a perfect website with all the features packaged in one single subscription. The best part, everything is managed, right from web hosting to maintaining daily backups.

The only thing I would have wanted along with this plan was the Domain name registration feature. However, it is very easy to connect a custom domain name. You are provided the A Record and CName details. You just need to go to your domain name DNS and add the values, and that will be it.

Should you have any issues, you have a Tech Support always available to help you on the way.

Go to Elementor Cloud Website – https://topitguy.com/ElementorCloudWebsite

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