How to Shorten an Extra Long Blog Post? Tips and Examples

How to Shorten an Extra Long Blog Post? Tips and Examples

If you are looking to get the audience on your website and keep them engaged, then it is necessary to make your content short and to the point.

Let’s say you are reading an article on a website that is related to the usage of a specific medicine. The thing that you expect in the content is that it will provide you with information related to the medicine. If you get some irrelevant lines that are just wasting your time, you will leave that page immediately.

The same is in the case for other readers as they want to get information from your page. If you are just wasting their time, they will leave your page and try to avoid it in the future.

To keep the content unique and to the point, it is necessary to avoid unnecessary arguments that are not informational for the audience.

Why is short content preferred?

No one has enough time to read the content thoroughly and understand every point. Everyone loves skimming while reading the content and reach to the point that is helpful for him.

If you are looking for the features of a gadget in an article, you will want to directly land on that section where the features are actually discussed. There is no chance that you would read other elements than your requirement.

The search engine also prefers content that is to the point and informational for the readers. You can’t mislead the audience by providing them with false ideas.

And it is only possible if you keep the text limited and escape the unnecessary thoughts. You have to set a word count limit for the content as it plays a vital role in eliminating the useless points.

How to make the content short?

There are several elements that you need to remember while writing the content. You can’t start writing without making a proper plan.

Often we see that writers make their content lengthy without any reason. Although they do it for the sake of providing information, it makes their article fake instead of informational.

To make the content short and beneficial for the audience, it is necessary to explain the only points that can provide some piece of facts to the users.

If you are not following this element, you are just wasting the time of readers and yourself.

Tips to make the blog short

In this article, we will discuss some important tips that can be beneficial for making the content short and worthy for the readers.

Get knowledge about your topic

The first and most important element is that you must have enough idea about your topic so that you can explain it in an organized way.

Let’s say you get a topic to discuss that is not of your interest or you have heard about it for the first time. You can’t start writing on that topic directly without knowing.

So, the factor that you need to follow is that you must have ideas about that topic. And it all can be done by looking for the relevant titles on the search engine and reading the thoughts of other authors.

Pen down the most important ideas

After reading the ideas of other authors, it is necessary to point out the most important lines that can be worthy for your topic and make it informational for the audience.

When you pen down the important lines, it helps you to remain on track and avoid unnecessary thoughts that are not related to the topic. It will also be proof for the reader that the information provided in the article is authentic as you would explain each point with its reason.

Set word count limit

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to control the word count. And while regulating the content, most of the times writer loses the track.

For keeping the content to the point, you must go for making outlines of the entire topic and set a word count limit for each section.

If you find it hard to control the words, you should choose an online word counter and upload your content there. It will not only tell you the word count but also the characters and keyword density.

Word counter will keep you away from exceeding the limit and help in eliminating the lines that are not much beneficial for the audience.

Avoid keyword stuffing

To rank the content and get more traffic on the page, it is necessary to focus on the keyword as it will help you get the right audience on the page.

But we have seen some problems in this regard. Writers add a single keyword multiple times that give a promotional look to the content. Also, it leads to an increase in the word count of your content.

To come over this issue and make the content worthy for the audience, it is important to avoid keyword stuffing and make the lines look natural.

Eliminate unnecessary ideas

It often happens that we add numerous ideas to the content, whether they are related to the topic or not. It is a very bad SEO practice and can make your content boring.

It is necessary to make the content to the point and informative for the audience and it all can be done by removing those thoughts that are not important to be discussed.

Readers will also love to read the most crucial factors of the topic. So, keep it as simple as it can be. This will make the audience happy and can be a time-saving element for them.

Bottom lines

It is never a good idea to make the blog post lengthy without any specific reason. If you are doing so, you are actually hurting your site as it will lose the interest of your readers.

It is quite obvious that your audience will get distracted due to this element and would avoid your page in the future. So, you have to eliminate the lines that are not necessary to be added. It all can be done if you have much knowledge about your topic and have made outlines that can keep you on track. The points discussed in this article are quite beneficial for you and can help make the content short and to the point.

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