Is YouTube Still a Good Career Option in 2019?

This is one of the many questions that comes to my mind when I think about the future of my YouTube Channel, Fixing Tiny Tedious Things!

I started this channel way back and kept it as an option to fall back to if for any reason there’s no work. By the grace of God, things worked really well for me and I kind of forgot about this channel.

Things changed, suddenly, there was a big revolution in India, in telecom industry with inception of JIO telecom. The internet data became so cheap that everybody could afford it, this resulted in steep increase in the growth of internet users in India.

Is YouTube still a career for new creators?

Nearly 30% of the population got hold of smartphones, more people started using YouTube, many of the YouTubers who were cruising in parallel space with me suddenly rose to fame. I remained busy in my other stuff, couldn’t leverage the opportunity!

When I realized the whole thing, everything had kind of gone out of my reach. So, the point is, is there still a chance for my channel to do well?

I have always been a believer of this saying,

Survival of the fittest!

Therefore, I still have a lot of hope left for my channel.

Here’s why I am confident about YouTube as Career

Following are some of the reasons why I am confident about doing well:

  • A country of billion+ people, not everyone at this moment using smartphone
  • According to many surveys, India is set to out number USA to become number 1 country in terms of smartphones users in 2019
  • More people will have the access to YouTube, more people means more opportunities for new creators to grow
  • My channel is about education, and I believe if I start posting more videos on regular basis, I can surely do well
  • The internet speed is going to increase even more in coming months, this will shift TV audience to Mobile for sure. Having a YouTube channel in this space will definitely do a world of good
  • India is moving towards digitization faster than you think. My channel will have the content to solve the issues people face in online world

Indian YouTube Channels that grew rapidly

Following is the list of Channels (Individual Creators) that grew very fast as a result of Jio:

  • Amit Bhadana
  • Technical Guru Ji
  • BB Ki Vines
  • Ashish Chanchalani
  • Mostly Sane
  • Mumbiker Nikhil
  • GauravZone
  • Fixing Tiny Tedious Things (Going Big Soon)

Above are the names that came to my mind, they are not in a particular order.


YouTube is still a great career for creators who have the zeal to produce great content. This things holds true more for those creators who are from developing countries. Therefore, not much has gone out of my hands, I still can start working on my channel! It will definitely reach the new heights soon ☺

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