Udemy vs Coursera – Best Websites For Online Courses

Udemy vs Coursera - Which is the Best websites for online courses?

In this post I compare two of the largest websites for online learning, Udemy and Coursera. Many of you probably already know about these giant online education hubs that together cater to over 300 Million learners around the globe.

But, do you know which is the biggest out of these two in terms of number of students, courses and instructors? I am sure most of you don’t know the answer to this question.

Well, don’t worry, here I am helping you learn more about both the online education platforms. As, I have used both the websites for learning various skills. So, I went ahead and did some research and put together stats you will find interesting.

Before I get into the numbers game, please know this comparison is just to spread the information I find interesting. I personally have used both the platforms and have learned a lot. Therefore, please do not take this in a negative way. I love Udemy and Coursera both equally, their service towards online education sphere is extraordinary!

Here’s the Udemy vs Coursera comparison side by side

Founded in 2010Founded in 2012
Have 65 million+ students on the platform till November 2021 and is only behind Coursera in terms of number of students learningWith 80 million+ students, Coursera is the number two website in terms of students enrolled in their programs
Hosts over 180,000 courses on 1000+ topicsCoursera hosts about 3800 courses, 100+ specializations and 15+ online degrees, Guided Projects and Certs
A 100% online platformCoursera programs are also 100% online
Offers courses in 50+ languagesOffers content in: English, Hindi, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hebrew, German, Italian
45K+ instructors from 190+ countries with professional experienceInstructors from top business schools, organisations and universities
Udemy courses range from $10 to $200 for the most partCourses range from $29-$99, Specializations/certificates $39-$79 per month, Degrees $15-$25,000, Guided projects from $9-10
Becoming an instructor on the platform is lot easier. Though, therer are guidelines and manual content approval rules, and instructors must pass themBecoming an instructor on Coursera is not easy. Professionals from top business schools, Universities, Colleges and Organisations get the priority
Udemy courses are affordable for anyone as the website runs so many offers and deals throughout the year, the price of the courses often come down by 95% – View this website for udemy coupon and dealsCoursera courses, specializations and degrees may not be affordable for everyone. Though they have a financial aid programs for he deserving, you may want to check that out.

This comparison is based on what I have researched in a short span of time. There may be many things many things about both Udemy and Coursera I may have missed, kindly excuse me for that.

Apart from this, both the website offer advanced subscriptions. While Udemy offers Udemy for business and Coursera offer Coursera Plus (View here). Both these programs are really getting popular.

Udemy and Coursera are the pioneers of online learning space

If I talk about the online learning revolution, two of the websites that always come to my mind are Udemy and Coursera. These two are the websites that revolutionized online learning space! I know some of you may argue that YouTube has also been the best for online learning. I kind of agree to that, but, if you compare, you will realize, when it comes to organized and well knitted content, YouTube comes up short.

Therefore, with all due respect to all the websites for online learning, I put Udemy and Coursera at top of the ladder. Let me know what you think, I look forward to your comments 🙂

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