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Prometheus training online

Hey all, I hope you are staying safe in the pandemic times and learning new skills. In this article, I share the best training resource for Prometheus, a Monitoring Systems and Services tool.

For anyone who is not familiar with Prometheus, here’s a quick introduction:

  • A Powerful Monitoring System
  • Time Series database which is especially well-suited for monitoring cloud environments
  • Uses a powerful data model and query language
  • Integrated alerting and service discovery support. Enables you to gain better insight into system and services, so you can define meaningful and precise alerts

Who should take Prometheus training?

This is an intermediate level training, which means, if you have the following knowledge only then you should go for it:

  • Linux/Unix system administration experience (Basic) – (Learn Linux in 5 days here)
  • Knowledge of Common shell commands like ls, cd, curl, etc
  • Some knowledge of Go or Python programming is also recommended
  • You should also have some experience working with Kubernetes (The Complete Guide)

If you already know the above, this training is for you.

Here’s what you learn

This self-paced course requires you to allocate about 20-25 hours. The material includes: Video Content, Hands on Labs, Assignments and dedicated Discussion forums. At the successful completion, you get a digital badge.

Covers the following:

  • The Architecture of Prometheus
  • How to Set up and use the tool
  • How to use core system components and services
  • Basic to advance level querying
  • Creating dashboards
  • How to instrument services and integrate third party
  • How to use alerting
  • Using Prometheus with Kubernetes
  • The advanced level operational aspect of Prometheus

The best part is, you get 12 months of access to all the content.

To learn more, please go here.

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