Enroll in online courses with Black Friday Offers and Deals 2019

Black Friday Offer on several online education websites like Udemy, Coursera is live at the moment. I have gone ahead and selected some of the best courses you can enroll in from these websites.

Learners get the best discount of the year with Black Friday event. Make sure to leverage these offers. Also don’t forget to let your friends and family know about this post.

I would also suggest that you gift these courses to your friends who need to upgrade themselves. Get courses from Udemy especially, they are giving away courses at the lowest price ever globally.

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Top Courses to pick with Black Friday Sale

Following is the list of courses I personally recommend to the learners. Do check them out and only enroll after going through the details carefully!

Black Friday Offer on Udemy

Udemy’s black friday offer has already started, 100,000+ courses are going at $9.99 each. Consider buying your favorite courses and save yourself heaps of money.

Here are the dates:

Start Date: 22nd of November 2018

End Date: 29th of November

Discount: All courses going at $9.99 each

Coursera Black Friday Offer

Coursera, the biggest online platform for online learning is also running black friday sale at the moment. Select programs on the website are going at 10% discount at the moment.

Here are the dates:

Start Date: 11th of November 2019

End Date: 29th of November 2019

Offer: 10% discount on these programs

Apart from the above, I am going to add more offers to this page. Make sure to check back later! And, if you know someone who may want to see this, just send them the link to this post.

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