How to Migrate Your Email from a Web Host to Google Workspace

In this small guide, you will learn how to migrate your branded email address like from your web/email hosting company to G Suite (Google Workspace) successfully.

How to Migrate Your Email from a Web Host to Google Workspace

Now there could be number of reasons why you want to move from existing email hosting provider to Google Workspace. But largely, businesses migrate to G Suite to not only use the Gmail type easy to use interface but suite of other productivity and collaboration tools as well. Some of the tools include: Meet, Chat, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Cloud Search.

When you make up your mind and are finally ready to migrate to G Suite (Google Workspace) just follow the steps below for smooth and seamless transition!

Prerequisites for Migrating Branded Email to G Suite

  • A Domain Name you want to use ( e.g.
  • Google Workspace Account. If you don’t have, get one! Use this 14 days of Free Trial
  • Login credentials of the Hosting Panel

Once you have the above ready, proceed to the following steps.

Verify the Domain Ownership

After creating the Google Workspace Account, you need to verify the ownership of your domain name. And that can be done by going into the DNS section of your Domain name. You will be asked to protect your domain name by adding the TXT record on the DNS page of your domain

Adding TXT record on DNS Page

In my case, I use Hostinger and it was an easy job to complete this task.

Add Users or Activate Gmail

After the TXT record is successfully added, click continue. And you will land on a new page that will have the following options:


Just follow the each step one by one. Add all the users who use your branded emails, with 14 days of FREE Trial, you get to add up to 10 users.

After adding the new users, click continue and move to the next step to activate the Gmail. But before that, please read the following:

Google Workspace Activate Gmail

After you click on I’M ready to activate Gmail, you are further asked to update the MX records. They are located inside the DNS page of your Domain, so do find that and enter the info you are asked to add.

Once you find the MX records, please delete all of them and add the 5 new MX records provided by Google Workspace.

Gsuite mx records for branded gmail

Once you are done with the above, simply click on Activate and you will be ready to use Gmail as your branded email.

Google Workspace Gsuite email done

Migrating Email Old Email Data to Gsuite

After the successful completion of migrating your branded emails from a web host to G Suite,its time to ensure each and every old email message from your previous host are also migrated over to the Google Worspace Gmail. To achieve this task, you need to do the following:

Inside your Google Workspace admin area, scroll down and click on Data Migration, as shown in the image below

data migration google workspace gmail from old host

After clicking on Data Migration, you are asked to add the user for whom you want to import the data from old email host. So, click on Add User and supply the info required as shown below.

add user in google workspace for data migration

Click start and on the next page choose what else you want to import besides the default inbox messages. Just tick the boxes shown in the image below or simply leave them as they are and click on Select Users to move to the next steps.

data migration configure google Workspace

After click on the Select Users, you land on the next page where you are asked about the preferred way to fetch the information from old provider. I used IMAP for Hostinger as it was the preferred method. So I entered the info and hit continue, the process started immediately and all my email were successfully imported to G Suite (Google Workspace).

email migration process importing

Professional Help To Set Up Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite)

Are you finding it over whelming? If yes, don’t worry, I can help you set it up for a small fee. And, no matter how big your userbase is, I will get the job done in quickest time possible.

If you have any questions, or want me to do this task for you. Consider reaching out to me at

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