Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired

We all know how fierce is the competition these days for all kinds of jobs. And, getting shortlisted for a job is becoming tough with every passing day. Candidates apply to as many jobs as they can, still things don’t work fast. But this is not true for everyone, you will come across people who get the first job they apply for. Many would say it’s just the matter of luck! But I don’t think that way!

I believe, people who are getting jobs easily are multi-talented, and that is the aspect which employers love these days. So many of my friends got their jobs just because of their proven multiple skillset!

increase your chances of getting hired for job
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How to get a job fast ?

There are no shortcuts to getting a job fast, you have to have the right skills employers are after. Though, you sure can increase your chances of getting selected for the job by adding multiple skills to your resume.

Note: Merely mentioning multiple skills on resume won’t get you hired. You will need to demonstrate the skills, therefore, only add the skills you can demonstrate. Failing to prove may lead to black listing of your resume by some top companies.

The simple solution to getting hired fast is to have multiple proven skills. Every top company will prefer you over the other applicants.  And, I don’t mind this at all, end of the day, what employers want is to get the maximum out of their employees. Think of it from employers perspective, even you will do the same, don’t you?

How to learn new skills?

It is not all that tough these days to master new skills, especially when you have websites like Udemy, Coursera, SkillShare, Udaicity & many more.  Zero in on what you want to master and  head over to above mentioned websites, pick the right course and start learning right away.

The best part is, these sites will provide you with the course completion certificate which might help you demonstrate your skills. And, more than anything else, you learn the skills that will last with you forever.

Udemy is the best for busy people

If you are someone who has limited time to invest in learning, Udemy could be your best bet. The website offers self paced courses with life time access. You can learn at your own time and from anywhere around the globe. The best part is, you get their courses at pocket friendly price. Just follow this website to get Udemy courses at $10 or less.

Udemy is the biggest online learning and teaching platform, the site hosts 200,000+ courses on 1000s of topics. The platform is used by 100 million+ students and 50,000+ instructors from the globe. This makes Udemy the biggest online learning community.

Make sure your profile is current

Recruiters are always on the hunt to find the right candidates, always make sure to keep your profile current. Don’t let the opportunity go, keep your resume updated with skills you attain. Another good practice is to have your profiles on websites like LinkedIn, Indeed and other leading employment related websites.


I have done hiring for some companies, one of our priorities for the shortlisting the candidates was the possession of multiple skills. Therefore, always consider learning more skills, there is always an employer ready to recruit you. All you have to do is, increase your chances!

Hope you find this post interesting! Looking forward to add more posts like this in coming weeks. Follow me on Twitter to get the latest updates!

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