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If you are not happy with your current WordPress hosting provider for whatever reasons, I highly recommend that you consider migrating to Bluehost. As their Site Migrator plugin makes things super easy to migrate, and costs you nothing. You may want to see what you get when you migrate to Bluehost hosting, here’s that partner exclusive page:

I have been using Bluehost for number of clients and for my personal websites as well. Their services are undoubtedly much better than Godaddy or other popular hosts that I have tried so far.

And, even if you are starting from scratch and looking for a reliable yet affordable web hosting provider, I will recommend that you consider Bluehost. Their plans start from just $2.95/month when you visit Bluehost through any of the partner links in this post.

bluehost website migration plugin free wordpress

Not only you get the best services with Bluehost, but also freebies like a Free Domain Name, Free SSL Certificate and Free CDN. All in all, you will be a happy customer by all means.

How Bluehost WordPress Site Migrator Plugin Works

The WordPress site migration plugin by Bluehost gives you opportunity to migrate your website to Bluehost for free. To get things started, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on Bluehost, choose your plan
  2. Let Bluehost know about the website you need to migrate
  3. Bluehost team reviews the website to check if everything is okay with the site
  4. Install the migration plugin on your website
  5. After that, Bluehost team checks your website’s WP version, site size, size of database, WordPress multisite use, current secure plugins, and PHP version
  6. If your website meets the qualification criteria, you will be eligible for the free migration. And, most websites easily fulfil that
  7. After that, Bluehost site migrator plugin is put to use, it will create backup of your website and securely transfer it to your new bluehost account
  8. Once the transfer completes, you will be able to see the temporary url where your website is made live so you can can check if everything works.
  9. After your approval, the next step is to point your main domain DNS to Bluehost servers. And, that will be all!

Important: While you are migrating your website from one host to the other, your website will stay live on old host, the entire process happens in the backend. Only when you have migrated the website and pointed your domain name to new hosting servers, you should delete the old website or end your old hosting plan.

Testing the newly migrated website on Bluehost

While everything works seamlessly if you follow the instructions carefully, however, just to cross check everything works. I will suggest you to do the following:

  • Just disable and enable a few plugins and see if there is any error
  • See if the contact form is working
  • You can also check if the HTTPS version of the website is loading
  • See if you are able to use the dynamic parts of the website, as they are associated with the databases. If this works everything else will also work

Apart from that, if you have anything to add to this, feel free to send out your tweets to me @topitguy.

I hope you find this article informational 🙂

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