Best UC Davis Courses on Coursera

I have been researching about best UC Davis courses on Coursera for a while with great interest. And, after all the research, down below is the list of courses I have found amazing. Do go through them and see if they are beneficial for you. The best part is, they are 100% online, you don’t have to attend conventional classrooms of any sorts 🙂

Best UC Davis Courses on Coursera - 100% online

UC Davis Courses

After spending quite a lot of time on Coursera, following is the list of Coursera courses, in no particular order:

SQL for Data Science – View here

SQL for data science is one of the most popular courses on Coursera. It is the best UC Davis course on the platform in my opinion. The stats of the course are: 99,335+ students, Course rating: 4.6/5

Starts from scratch, students require no prior knowledge to start learning from it. Instructor of the course is, Sadie St. Lawrence, Data Scientist and CEO of Women in Data (WID).

Data Visualization in Tableau – View here

This one is a 5 course specialization that will teach you how to Visualize business data with Tableau. It will help you gain skills like: Storyboarding, Map Tableau Software, Business Intelligence Reports, Data Visualization (DataViz)

This UC Davis socialization has already been taken by 26, 930+ students. You learn from these experienced instructors: Suk S. Brar, Govind Acharya and Hunter Whitney

Search Engine OptimizationView here

Here’s a great 6 course specialization for anyone who wants to master search engine optimization and social media marketing. Has 24,580+ enrollments already and set to have even more in coming days.

If you spend 6 hours per week, you can easily complete the specialization in just 4 months. The amazing instructors who will teach you over the six courses are: Rebekah May, Eric Enge and Dave Lloyd.

New Courses From UC Davis

Secure Coding PracticesView here

There are 4 course in this UC Davis Specialization, consider taking them as presented in the hierarchy. And, if you already know the content covered in a particular course, choose to skip to next one.

The instructors of the specialization are: Matthew Bishop, PhD, Sandra Escandor-O’Keefe and Joubin Jabbari. Here’s what you learn: Cybersecurity, Java, secure programming, C/C++

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)View here

Knowledge of Geographic Information systems is one of the most sought after skills these days. This is the perfect specialization for anyone who wants to master the skill.

The popularity of the skill can be measured by the enrollments, already 25,140+ students joined this new UC Davis specialization. There are 5 courses in the specialization, instructor of the course: Nick Santos

Data Wrangling, Analysis and AB Testing with SQLView here

This is one of the newest courses on courses, has a rating of 4.3/5 at the moment. Some of the skills you gain will be: A/B Testing, Query String, Data Analysis, Predictive Analytics, SQL

This is approximately 20 hours course, if you spend 2-5 hours/week, the course can be completed in 4 weeks. The instructor of the course is, Katrina Glaeser, Data Scientist at Scribd.


The above University of California, Davis courses and specialization on Coursera are really very good. Consider looking at them and learning skills of the future. The best part is, you get everything 100% online. Just pick your schedule and start learning.

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