How to access restricted websites?

Have you been struggling to access a website which is no longer accessible in your country? Have you ever heard about Virtual Private Networks? If no, this is the article you should read right now!

How to access restricted websites?

Why are you not able to access a website?

There could be several reasons, the ones we are focusing on for this post are:

  • Country Specific Restrictions
  • Restricted by an ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Country Specific: These restrictions are often levied to save the bandwidth or the server load of the website. For example: Lets say I have a website which only caters to USA but attracts heavy traffic from all over the world, costing me a lot of money. The best thing for me to do in this situation would be to make my website accessible to only USA.

ISP Restrictions: The internet service provider may also restrict people from accessing a website. This is done on the instructions of Government. For example, India recently banned all the porn websites, all the major ISPs were instructed to ban such websites.

Following video example shows you the way to open restricted website

Use Virtual Private Network (VPN)

In the above video, I have shown you how to access a restricted or banned website with the help of Virtual Private Network (VPN). I used Windscibe in my video, it is by far the best VPN provider on the internet in terms of free plan and number of locations!

Users get 10 gb of data per month with free plan. The locations you can access with this free plan include: USA, UK, Canada, Hungry, Germany, Hongkong, Romania, Germany, France, Netherlands and Norway.

To know more about Windscribe, kindly visit:


I hope you now know how to access a restricted or banned website in your country with the help of a VPN service. Consider using Windscribe to serve your purpose, its the most reliable and affordable. I have been using it for 2 years without any complaints whatsoever 🙂

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