eBook: The Good Parts Of AWS

In this post, I discuss about a bestselling ebook/digital book about Amazon Web Services, The Good Parts Of AWS. Authored by ex AWS engineers with 15 years of combined experience, 11 years working inside AWS. It makes you realise about the features and services you would be foolish not use and lot more.

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Authors of The Good Parts Of AWS

Authors Daniel Vassalo and Josh Pschorr together have worked with AWS for 15 years. They have worked on all types of web applications, right from small projects to massive services running on 1000s of servers.

Both, Daniel Vassallo and Josh Pschorr have been using Amazon web services right from the days when AWS had no web console and just 3 services. They also contributed in building small part of AWS itself.

What do you learn?

This is not a typical reference book of some sorts. Instead, the authors want to make you realize which all are the AWS features you would be foolish not to use. You get to know about the features for which you almost never have to look at the alternatives.

This 173 pages book helps you make the right decisions when things get overwhelming. Right from choosing a programming language, application framework, database, cloud vendor, software dependencies etc.

AWS alone has around 150 services and each one has its own features and options, at time overlapping each other. Through this book, the Authors reveal the technique they use themselves to make reliable tech choices. Though this technique is for Amazon Web Services, but can also be used in making any other technical decisions.

The authors are only covering the topics they have first hand experience with. You will not find this information in AWS documents.

Random Review:

“This book is worth its weight in gold for the opening chapter alone, which is about how to make technology choices. The AWS guidance is excellent too. Recommended!”

Brian Scanlan

To learn More, please go here

Who should take this AWS eBook?

As the authors suggest, this eBook may be in the context of amazon web services, but what you learn from it can be applied in taking any technical decisions. If you are any of the following, you should definitely consider taking this book:

  • Developers using amazon web services
  • Cloud Computing Enthusiasts
  • Students mastering AWS
  • Anyone who is looking to make the most of their Amazon web services account and cut short the costs
  • Those who are not aware of the 150 services and features that are available within the console and usually never touched

So, if you are any of the above, consider grabbing a copy of this book and start learning about the best parts of aws. I got my copy the moment it was available for sale and have found it so helpful so far. If you have any questions about the eBook, feel free to send me your tweets at @topitguy. I will try my best to answer all your questions in timely manner.

The Good Parts of AWS PDF

I noticed people looking for the PDF of this ebook, and they are probably trying to get it for free. But, this won’t be possible. Please understand the kind of work the authors of the book have spent on making it possible. So it is a humble request that you buy this ebook from gumroad or try the course based on the book. Again the instructor of course is the Daniel Vassallo.

Here’s the link to the the course on Educative. Do check it out. It is totally worth it.

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If you have any questions about this post, please feel free to leave a comment or simply email me at topitguys@gmail.com

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