Earn money online with Google without investment

Hey all, if you are looking to learn how to earn money online with Google without investment then do read this post in full. As I am going to share a simple and straight forward method in this post that will help you start right away.

Now this may sound a mere gimmick but trust me its not. I have been using the same method to make money online. Most people don’t buy the argument of making money online with Google without investment is a possibility. But in reality, it is the opposite. Anyone can make money online without investing.

Time and dedication are the only two real investments you need to do for this kind of work. If you are with me on this, then you can read rest of the article or just leave it right here. As only those who are believers can make this work.

how to make money online with google without investing

So, without taking anymore time, lets get into it now!

Steps to Making Money Online With Google without Investment

If you follow the steps shown below, you will be able to generate money online with the help of Google without investing. I suggest you to try these steps in the manner I have listed them here.

Create a Blog on Blogger

The first and foremost thing is to create a blog for yourself. Blogger is a Google product where you create a blog for yourself for free. This way, you will not have to pay for the web hosting and domain renewal every year.

Your blogger blog URL will look something like this: https://myangelbroking.blogspot.com/ (A non branded blogger blog address). If you can spend money, you can buy domain name under $5 bucks to have a branded blog which can help you earn even more.

So, create a blogger blog for yourself around the topics you are interested in. I would encourage you to create a blog about the subject that you can handle easily.

To create a blogger blog, just go to https://www.blogger.com and click on “Create Your Blog”. As I mentioned before, since blogger is a Google product, you can sign in using your Google account.

After signing in, you will find “Create Blog” in left hand top corner, click on that. On the next screen complete the following details:

  • Title – Enter the title for your blog, it can be changed later
  • Choose a url for your blog – It can’t be changed later unless you get a branded domain name. So choose wisely

Your blog will be ready for publishing after completing the above.

Create Compelling Content That Gets Searched On Google

After creating your blog, it is important that you go ahead and add content to it in the form of blog posts. But before that, I would encourage you to do some research. This research is going to be very important if you are interested in earning serious amount of money.

To do so, I would suggest you to use yet another free Tool from Google called “Keyword Planner“. Just fill in the asked details.

On the next page, you will see two boxes, click on the first one, “Discover New Keywords”. You will see new fields that look like this:

google keywords planner

In the first field, put the topic name that interests you and hit Get Results. The new page will show the the keywords related to your topic along with monthly search volume and amount advertisers are willing to pay for a click to each keyword.

For example, I put “Life Insurance” in the search box and the following results came up.

keywords research google planner

The above image shows the important info such as the number of times each keyword gets searched monthly and the low and high range of what advertisers are willing to pay for a click.

From these stats, one can pick a keyword create content around it. The only requisite here is the quality of content. If you manage to create compelling and informative content that will be liked by many, then no one can stop you from making money.

The method to monetize the content you create would once again be a free Google Product, Google Adsense.

Get Google Webmasters Account

After creating your blog and adding content to it, you must create a Google Webmasters account(Search Console). This is needed so you can get all the content you add to your website indexed fast. For this, you firstly need to create the account and follow these steps:

  • Add your website to Google Webmasters
  • Submit the Sitemap

It is important that you create your webmasters account using same Google account, this way you will not have to verify the ownership of your blog. Otherwise, you will need to follow one more step to verify the ownership of your website.

So, after your account is created, you can submit the newly created content for indexing in Google by simply using the search inspection tool of google.

Watch this video to learn how to use Inspection tool:

Similarly, you can create Bing Webmasters account as well to get your website indexed fast in Bing and Yahoo search engine.

Monetizing your content with Google Adsense

Google shares 68% of what they earn from Google ADs with the publishers that generate AD clicks. Idon’t think there is any other program that offers such amount of money consistently. After creating a blog and adding 10-15 quality blog posts around the topic of your blog, the final step is to monetize it. And, for that there are so many ways, some of them can even help you make money from day one. However, I would encourage you to rely on Google Adsense for monetizing your content.

To create Google Adsense account, please go back to your blogger control panel and follow these steps:

  • On the left hand side of your screen, click on Earnings
  • Click on Create Adsense Account
  • Fill in the asked details. Make sure you supply the real information, otherwise you may not be able to withdraw your earnings
  • Now finally Click on “Create Account”

Note: Don’t apply for Google Adsense account if you have less than 10-15 blog posts on your blog.

After you hit the create account page, your information is passed on to Google for review and you are redirected to Google Adsense website. Just fill in the additional details as asked and hit Submit button.

While you are inside Google Adsense page, click on Sites and add your blog address there and click on Request Review. Now, sit back and relax, once your account is approved you will receive an email from Google.

In the meantime, you can keep adding more content to your blog.

If you would like to see a video series on this subscribe to my youtube channel.

Other ways to make money online without investing

As mentioned above there are more ways using which one can start making money online from day one. And those ways are as follow:

  • Join Affiliate Marketing networks and join the affiliate programs that are related to your blog and start displaying their products. If someone buys anything from your affiliate links, you get healthy commission. I would suggest you to join Affiliate networks like: Shareasale, Rakuten, Impact Radius, Commission Junction etc
  • If you have the right skills, consider joining websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer etc and sell your services online
  • Another way that you can make money through Google without investing anything immediately is YouTube. Again the revshare here is above 50%, which is amazing. However, to get your channel monetized, you need to meet these guidelines- https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/72857?hl=en
  • If you are into teaching, I encourage you to join online education websites like Udemy as an instructor. Publishing your course on Udemy is a simple process. There are 50 million+ learners on the platform, who knows your course may get you the real fame

In Conclusion

I have covered how to make money online with Google without investing in details in this post. Also gave a brief info about other good ways to earn money online. I hope you find the information shared helpful. I look forward to updating this article frequently with more ways that one can make money online.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send your tweets at @topitguy. I will answer each one of you for sure.

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