Learn how to get your website indexed fast

Getting your website indexed in Google search results is easier than you think. It is a very simple and straight-forward process if you have good onpage settings. Through this article, I am going to explain about the whole process of indexing a website fast.

Make sure to follow along with the steps I cover! I have been following the whole process for 10 years, it works all the time.

how to getnwebsite indexed fast

Onpage Setting is the key to fast indexing

One of the first steps to follow is the onpage setting of your website. You will need to make sure the following settings are good:

  • Make sure you don’t have no index tag present in the content you want to index
  • Link your internal pages well
  • Create XML and HTML sitemaps
  • Make sure your website has no broken links

Once you take care of the above, the next step is to follow is the content. Following are things to consider:

  • Always have original content on your website, do a plaigrism check through free websites like duplichecker.com
  • Grammer has to be good, poor grammer will only increase the bounce rate and eventually pushing your website down
  • Have a pleasant design of your website
  • Make use of H1(Use only 1 time in your copy), H2, H3 tags  for important keywords

I assume you already have the above setting done correctly. So lets get down to getting your website indexed fast.

There are two ways to Get your website indexed fast:

  • Submit your link through Google Submit URL for Google and Bing site submit for bing. This sure is the faster way of the two, however, I dont recommend this option. The reason is, you don’t get the stats and info about the links you submit
  • I prefer to create Google and Bing webmaster accounts (Fairly Easy) to manage my website indexing. Create the webmaster account, add your website, submit the sitemap. Inside your webmaster account you will find the tool called “Fetch as Google“, its under Crawl, see the snapshot below:

fetch as google tool for fast indexing


For bing, use the feature called, “Submit URLs” thhrough websmasters account. See the snapshot below:

bing submit url for indexing

The best part about submitting your website through Google and bing webmaster account is the data they collect for you. You get to see the total number of pages indexed in SERPs. You will know about the keywords doing well for your website. With such vital stats you sure can do a lot, that is the reason I recommend this option for better indexing and managing the website.

That pretty much it you need, follow the steps and you will have your website indexed faster! Hope this article helps you in getting your website indexed faster.

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