Google IT Support Professional Certificate On Coursera

Google IT Support Professional Certificate launched on Coursera recently and is becoming the talk of the town. This six-course certificate is developed exclusively by Google. The certificate aims to take beginners to job readiness in eight to 12 months. The next session starts from 12th of March, you can check it out over here.

google it support professional certificate
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Power of Google IT Support Professional Certificate

The power of this IT support professional certificate is huge! Not only it makes you an able IT support but also gives your resume a great weight-age. Following are some of the powers this certificate has for learners:

  • It truly is a launchpad to a career in IT – upon completion of the certificate
  • You become job ready after taking this certificate
  • The certificate holders can  easily share their information with top employers like Bank of America, Walmart, Sprint, GE Digital, PNC Bank, Infosys, TEKsystems, UPMC, and, of course, Google

Curriculum of this IT support certificate:

This is a six-course certificate, you need to give it 8-10 hours of your time each week. The course is only available in English language at the moment.

Following are the 6 courses in this certification:

  1. Technical Support Fundamentals is the first course
  2. The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking
  3. Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User
  4. System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services
  5. IT Automation: It’s not that scary!
  6. IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts

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Those who want to pursue their career in IT should consider giving this certification a look. Learners can enroll in the certificate for free for 7 days! After 7 days, you need to pay $49/month.


The certificate is great, highly recommend it to everyone. Those who aren’t sure from where to start their IT career, this is what they need. The price of the certification is really very affordable, you should enroll right away!

The next session starts from 12th of March 2018. Don’t miss it, just go for it guys!

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