Blockchain In Mobile Application Market

Blockchain has entered into different fields such as health care, real estate, financial institutions and many more. Blockchain is a decentralized network which is basically a distributed ledger and can track all transactional records permanently.

Blockchain is conceptualized with Bitcoin, a global coin which has an impeccable growth in the marketplace. Bitcoin is rapidly entering into gambling industry ie., In Bitcoin Casinos like fortunejack, 7Bit, Bitcasino and many more.

Blockchain has entered into the mobile application market to make payments easy and secure.

App Approval: Blockchain technology simplifies app approval procedure for all the app developers. It enhances the user to install desired apps which are highly ranked. High quality security system, transparency, app revenue and quality are the major features contributing towards the growth of mobile applications.

No Middlemen: Blockchain technology stores its data into blocks. It promises a high security system and completely eliminates middlemen. This is most advantageous for both user and app developer. 

In-App Purchase: Generally, mobile apps are installed by a play store or App store. Some apps are chargeable. But, Blockchain related apps don’t allow credit or debit cards with cost per attention rewards apps can be purchased.

Transparency: Blockchain eliminates all kinds of thefts and multiple accounts in voting aspects. It’s an open source network which is transparent to all stakeholders. 

Data Security: Blockchain itself is termed as a high quality security system. Normal apps will not provide much security to their users, whereas blockchain related apps secure all the data in its blocks.

A team from the Ac market has come up with innovative infographic on Blockchain in the mobile application market.

Blockchain Infographic

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