Calculate Words and Characters In a Text

Use this absolutely FREE tool to calculate the words or characters in any kind of text. Just enter your text in the field below and hit the calculate now button. That is all you need to do! And, this FREE tool will in seconds give you the result in two lines.

In line one you will see the number of words in your text, and in second line you get the number of characters in your supplied text.

This kind of tool is very important for content writers, as they are often asked to write content in certain number of words. Being a writer myself, I have been there and done that! So I can confirm that tools like this are very handy.


The only issue with these tools is bad UI and subscription fee. That’s why I wanted to build a tool which is simple and absolutely free.

And after looking here and there, I finally have it ready. People can now use this tool themselves and also share with their community.

It is FREE today, Tomorrow and Forever!

Words and Characters Counter free

How many Words and Characters can be counted?

There is litterally no limit as such, you can add as lengthy post or text to the field and this tool will still produce great results. I don’t believe in setting limits on my things.

As long as the bandwidth of hosting account is not reached, you will be getting the results out of this FREE tool. In future if this thing gets tons of traffic, I may consider increasing my hosting infrastucture to meet the needs of my visitors.

Note: I built this tool using Open AI ChatGPT. I am building more tools like this in coming days. If you want to learn with me, stay tuned, I will be posting videos on my channel.

If you have any questions about this tool, please feel free to ask me. Also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for the latest videos about technology.

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