The Rise of Rupert Murdoch

Lets look at the remarkable journey of Rupert Murdoch, who spent seven decades building an influential media empire

Inheritance and Ambition

His Media career started at the age of 21 with inheritence of The News of Adelaide in 1950s.

Expansion Across Australia

In 1960 with acquistion of several local newspapers in Australia Murdoch established a strong presence

Entrance To British Media

With acquisition of The News of the World and The Sun, Murdoch paved his way into the British media

Global Expansion

Rupert Murdoch ventured into the U.S. media market with the acquisition of The San Antonio Express and The San Antonio News.

Growth Decade in 1980s

Murdoch grew his influence with acquistion of The Times, Launch of Fox. Also made strategic moves in publishing and television

FOX News Birth

Murdoch and Roger Ailes founded Fox News, setting the stage for influential conservative TV commentary

Acquisitions in 2000s

With acquisitions of Intermix media, and Dow Jones & Company, he reshaped both traditional and digital media landscapes

Scandals and Restructuring

The Scandals, leadership changes, and the Disney acquisition of 21st Century Fox assets marked the 2010s.

Passing the torch in 2023

In September 2023, Rupert Murdoch steps down, passing control of Fox and News Corp to his son, Lachlan Murdoch