Introducing the GoPro Hero 12

Explore the latest features and upgrades of the GoPro Hero 12, and see if it's worth the upgrade from your older model.

Extended Battery Life

Hero 12's impressive battery life improvements, offering up to 2x runtime for your action-packed adventures.

Bluetooth Audio

The unexpected but pleasant surprise of Bluetooth audio compatibility with the Hero 12. Indedd a good one.

Aspect Ratio Everywhere

Hero 12's 8:7 aspect ratio available across various modes, including TimeWarp, TimeLapse, and Night Effects.

Vertical Capture Made Easy

Hero 12 simplifies vertical video shooting, allowing you to record 9:16 videos without having to remount your camera

HDR Video in Ultra-High Resolutions

Discover the Hero 12's HDR video mode, designed to capture vibrant and balanced footage even in challenging lighting conditions

Better Selfies with Interval Photo

A convenient feature for capturing multiple photos without using a timer. Perfect for achieving the best selfie shots.

Night Effects for Photos

The extension of Night Effects modes to photos, creating dramatic light-based effects effortlessly

GP-Log for Enhanced Dynamic Range

Delve into GP-Log, a feature that provides more control over your images by increasing dynamic range.

New Mounting Option

Hero 12's new standard tripod mount, makes it easier to use with existing accessories and streaming setups.