India Welcomes 5G network in these 8 Cities

Leading telecom services providers JIO and Airtel providing these services iniitially.



Airtel rolled out its 5G network in 8 cities, and Varanasi is one of those 8 cites. JIO will join the party soon.


Airtel informed the press that it started its 5G services in Siliguri as well on the very first day.

New Delhi

Both Airtel and JIO launched their 5G services in the National captital on the very first day. This is JIO's 1 of 4 cities where they have rolled out 5G


At the moment, only JIO will be providing 5G network in the city and over the next few months Airtel will also join


Only Airtel is providing 5G network in the city at the moment and JIO is on te verge of rolling out


Again, only Airtel has rolled out the 5G network in Bangalore and JIO is also scheduled to launch very soon.


Both JIO and Airtel Launched their 5G network in the city. There are plans to launch the network all over TN soon.


Both the telecom giants rolled out 5G network in the financial capital of India. By Decemeber 2023, JIO and Airtel plan to cover the whole country.